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What is a Cryptocurrency

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Cryptocurrency is a digital currency, which is protected by the special complicated cryptographic technology. These currency units have not physical analogs. They exist only in the virtual space.
The world society started to use term "cryptocurrency" many years ago, after the publication of an article which was about bitcoin – digital currency and payment system, which are very popular at present days. 
How can we create Bitcoins? Almost every Internet user can do it by creating a cryptographic signature and getting the profit for it in the form of a cryptocurrency. This process is called as mining. It is known in advance that there can be created no more than 21 million bitcoins.
Actually bitcoin is only one of the numerous type of cryptomoney. There are almost 900 types of it all over the world.
The cryptocurrency has several significant advantages. The first one – it is invulnerableto the inflation, because the amount of this type of currency is already known and limited. 
Another advantage – decentralization, there is no particular center, from which the system would be managed. It is forming by users from all parts of world. That means – there is almost no chances that this system`s work will be disrupted. 
Cryptocurrency can be exchanged for goods, air tickets, other types of currency and not only. Some people make large investments in the purchase of cryptocurrency, because of its constantly high appreciation.
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