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ICO expert - презентация сотрудников компании на английском

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Todd Williams is a Сhief/ ICO expert. He addresses problems of business leaders, ICO Executives, the ICO partners. During the ICO process he is taking part in ICO Strategy, ICO Design, ICO Marketing & Communication. He deals with matters falling within the framework of conferences, advisors, mentors, partners, investors and ensuring an ICO successful outcome. 
Previously Todd has two startups under his belt and brings 15 years of ICO experience. He has outstanding experience in business strategy, general business management, enterprise architecture, application planning. Before discovering the ICO, Todd held position at leading data analytics companies in New York with clients including 247Blockchain and ITP.

Thomas Fitzgerald -Marketing Specialist /PR Specialist

Thomas Fitzgerald – a competent PR Specialist. He is good at corporate image and has a handle on promotion his business, values and mission. He is accountable for maintaining media relations. He collaborates with marketing teams in promotional activities. He has an abstraction capacity, copywriting and presentation skills and experience in corporate communications, project management and social media.
Previously Thomas worked at the Enterprise-grade Solutions with multiple roles over nine years, including marketing data analytics and tools, product promotion.
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