Fundr: Портфолио фрилансера Екатерина Рома 29.09.2016, работа №2 - FL.RU
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Екатерина Рома
Екатерина Рома


Service that will look at your accounts receivables and give you what are essentially small, short-term loans based on these invoices. In the design process of the site wireframe I chose the black and white color palette as the main colors in conjunction with red elements. Black and white is a classic combination of colors, which can be attributed to business color, similarly to classic costume that highlights the advantages of man or woman. Red color symbolizes energy, it is a color of call to action which used here specifically for that purpose. Design is sustained in minimalist style. Inasmuch as project is associated with business it should clearly inform an important user information without diverting his attention to the unnecessary elements. Design contains dynamic elements that will appear through pleasant animation that focuses attention on the important things, thus increasing the conversion of the site. Naturally when developing design for your project some elements will be reviewed and possibly added or removed. All icons should be loaded through graphic animations while scrolling the page to part "How It Works?". When you hovering the icon some of its elements are highlighted by red color (FundR_hover.png) and accompanied by a graphic animation that demonstrates the essence of this stage. For example, for the first step ("Create a free account in 20 seconds"), when you hover the icon the arrow of stopwatch made its way from zero mark to 20.