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Responsive Theme Designer

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I am looking for a Ukrainian designer who can chat good English and do designs like this: www.directresponseagency....

1. All designs must be 100% responsive 
2. you must speak English very good and communicate in English chat.
3. You need to have a vector source for many graphics we will need (like shutter stock)
4. Forms in the html needs to be customized for responsive look.

This is for a full time job. 

For this specific task one website – budget is 500-1000. Depends on your quality and price,  Website will have 5 pages: Home, Ingredients, FAQ, Contact US, Order Now and after you complete test that it is 100% responsive, you need to check that it works correct on Phone, Tablet, PC.

Again, we are looking for a designer who knows how to do 100% RESPONSIVE DESIGN ONLY! 

Right after completing this project we continue to next one hourly / monthly payments we will agree . I am looking for a professional ONLY. Thanks!
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