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Требуется поиск потенциальных заказчиков и написание им осмысленных писем. Цель проста – продажа услуг. Общение с заказчиком на английском. So, I'd like to have feedback from you in English only. 
I don't know how you'll find some person to email. I don't know anything about the text to advertise my services. Really I know, but I'm not sure my way is right. So, I want you to have your own way. 
A few words about my work: I make websites for professional photographers. That's all )))
About the working process: 
a. you find the person,
b. ask me to check this person (maybe I have already a contact with him/her),
c. you send me the text to email this person.
Quote price for one email, please. And tell me some additional words about yourself and/or some thoughts about my job.
Have a good day!
p.s. you can contact me using my page: http://www.free-lance.ru/users/justaman/
30.01.2012 | 09:28

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