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Atlas – is a cloud system of automated delivery and freight. Innovative software executes the following tasks:
- verifies orders from clients;
- predicts malfunctions;
- notifies about delays;
- creates optimized routes;
- picks drivers and couriers;
- helps to companies and its clients to track the execution of the orders online;
- simplifies workflow thanks to an electronic delivery confirmation (with the provision of a photo, customer`s digital signature,unloadinglocation).
The digital system can be used for logistics management in B2C and B2B companies with own transport fleet or contractors. Atlas is able to handle lots of orders in a day (from hundreds to tens of thousands!). The cloud system creates a [это спам]space for all participants in the delivery process, and includes:
- portal of the consignor;
- carrier portal;
- mobile application for drivers;
- track'n'traceforthe clients.
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