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C# парсер графиков занятий для британских школ

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We timetable for schools. We want to implement a simplified way to data enter requirements for who teaches the class, or which rooms are used. We want a simple GUI and parsing logic, so we can test variations, and ensure the logic works. Then we will incorporate this into our larger application. We have clear specifications on how input strings should be parsed. Example of a more complex string: AM,HK:6+BN,XY:4* & RE:3 We want this broken into parts, such as AM,HK:6 BN,XY:4 RE:3 But there are some variations to consider. See very detailed explanation of this project here: docs.google.com/document/... This document is partly written for our internal team, so not all relevant, but most shows exactly how we want it to work, with many examples.
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C# парсер графиков занятий для британских школ