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For investors

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For Investors
As part of the fund invites investors to participate in co-financing of individual biomedical projects and projects in selected clusters.

For this Fund:

1.  Conducts project presentations directly For Investors in the Fund, as well as exhibitions and forums;
2. Conducts the selection of projects for co-financing the thematic areas;
3. Generates investment portfolios to participate in the financing of several projects (generates cluster);
4. Attracts budget organizations funded private investors innovative projects;
5. Locates creation of innovative companies on its own premises;
6. Contributes to the training and obtaining patents, trademarks, intellectual property protection for investors and developers, as well as all necessary licenses, certificates, permits, and provides advice to its partners.
7. Fund advises its partners on financing innovative projects:
• choice of funding model;
• elaboration parameters of co-financing;
• algorithm for the selection of projects for funding;
• participation in the management of innovation projects;
• Copyright protection Investors and Developers
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