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we+ar TRBL

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we+ar TRBL – a new path to self-expression for a generation of TROUBLE makers and enfants TERRIBLES.
In 2015, the world witnessed a celebration of peace and freedom of speech with the Je suis Charlie movement. The collective urge to instantaneously express individual ideas and emotions inspired Parrot to create we+ar TRBL, a unique experience that infuses your life with new forms of freedom of expression. Inspired by individuals with unconventional ideas and the current worldwide climate of ethical concerns, we have implemented new technological advancements to launch a line of connected garments.
Display, can be synced with your smartphone, and can instantly reflect your mood, character and personality.
we+ar TRBL and Fuge worked on a responsive design e-Commerce platform that enables users to discover the brand and pre-order/purchase products in a few simple clicks.
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we+ar TRBL
we+ar TRBL