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Дмитрий Марьин [d_maryin]

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08 Апреля 2013
По договоренности
Необходимо сделать качественный перевод текста с анг. на русский. Перевод необходимо выполнить к 13.04.2013

Fun name, fun idea, and big things on the horizon. This new start-up will focus on turning your photos into beautiful custom canvas art. We're launching this because the marketplace needs is starving for some innovative, affordable and creative solutions that allow us to take all this "virtual" content and turn it into real tangible things we can share with our friends and family in the real world. We chose to focus on turning photos and digital images into canvas art. We will do one thing and strive to do it better than anyone else.

There are some really neat companies focusing on what I call the "digital to physical" trend. As more and more things become virtual (our photos, our notes, e-mails, music) people are actually starting to crave physical things again! Books, real photo prints, and yes even art.

Now we need your help! We want your feedback and ideas. Do you have any cool images on your computer (or even on your iPhone) you want turned into art? Let us know. We'd love to show you what we can do. We're offering special pre-launch pricing if you're willing to give us a try. We promise we'll make you smile. Just contact me directly.

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