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C2 Professional English. PUBLIC CHOICE THEORY. Policy Brief Assignment Essay

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PART ONE (180-200 words)
Identify a real-world policy issue of your interest that can be analyzed using the
approaches/tools discussed within the scope of your presentation/reading.(Прикрепил к заказу) For
the 1st part, please do the following:
1A) Indicate, what real-world case or issue (from any of the fields of political
economy, public policy, political science or constitutional design) you want
to consider.
1B) Please state your rationale (general relevance).
1C) Briefly describe the relation of the suggested policy issue to the topic of
your presentation.
Describe the real-world policy issue that you selected in Part One. Please do the
2A) Provide a brief description (230-250 words) of the real-world policy
issue that you are analyzing. This description must be precise and to the
point. This means that you must mention the relevant institutional
background and refer to relevant data whenever necessary. You may
include a table or a graph if appropriate (tables or graphs would not be part
of your word count)
Note that it will not be enough to provide a vague discussion of an issue in
general terms.

2B) Summarize the relevant key statements or conclusions of your
reading/presentation that are immediately related to the policy issue
described in point 1. (180-200 words)
The assignment on the last stage of your work on the policy brief is to analyze
the real-world policy issue described in Part Two. Please do the following:
3A) Provide an analysis (230-250 words) of the selected policy issue by using the
theoretical or methodological concepts covered in your presentation (and,
whenever necessary, in presentations of your colleagues) and derive conclusions
with relevance for public policy. Here, your main goal is to apply the concepts
from our course and to derive some policy recommendations or suggest some
policy alternatives.
3B) Summarize your key recommendations and conclude with possible
limitations/critical evaluation of your findings. Here, you may find it useful to
refer to alternative concepts covered in other presentations. (100-120 words)
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