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Заказ закрыт Full-time Laravel Developer. 2-3 months project

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Trademark Factory®, a growing innovative global trademarking company. 

We've been in business for over 10 years. We have an iron-clad USP in that we are the only trademarking firm in the world that offers trademark registration services with a guaranteed result for a guaranteed budget. We have the best product in the market, delivering an unparalleled success rate of 99.3%—unmatched by our competitors.

We've helped thousands of entrepreneurs and companies ranging from 5 to 9 figures protect their brands.

97% of our clients are in the United States and Canada.

We’re working on microservices-architecture-based product and moving legacy monolithic project to microservices.

We need a person who will be working with other IT department team members to troubleshoot and improve current applications and processes.


— Doesn’t keep promises and misses deadlines.

— Doesn’t want to understand the product/process on which the person is currently working.

— Refuses to follow rules and set procedures.

— Hates accountability and reporting.

— Looking at this opportunity as a side-hustle job.


— Creating new features for existing internal product.

— Support all existing code.

— Continue to improve scalability of back-end infrastructure.

— Writing technical documentation (on occasion).

— Comfortable working independently and with minimal supervision, self-motivated and proactive.


— PHP - Laravel/Lumen experience mandatory. Must understand and be able to use OOP, MVC architecture, exceptions, process forking, regular expressions. Must understand performance bottlenecks and how to work with complex collections and datasets.

— MySQL - Must understand and be able to use InnoDB tables, transactions, triggers, views, foreign keys, sub queries, proper use of indexes and other optimization techniques.

— Experience with Git.

— Desire and ability to work with code you didn’t write.

— Experience with Docker is a bonus.

— Good problem-solving skills.

— Attention to detail

— You must be proactive, excited about the opportunity to work with our firm, and dedicated

— Available to work full time (8 hours flex)

— Fast internet, quiet work place

— High level of organization and ability to prioritize

— Self-management and initiative

— Telegram account

— Ability to receive bank transfer payments from UAE

If you read this job description and want to send us response, please start you message from

following words: I've read the job description, I meet all requirements, have a telegram account and ready

to answer your questions.

POSITION TYPE: 2-3 months full-time job contract.

TIME ZONE: Up to you.

YOUR COMPENSATION: Negotiable based on your relevant experience.

Требуемые навыки:
php laravel, mysql, git, composer, clean code, english, javascript, responsibility, teamplayer
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