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Python Developer needed for constant workload

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I am currently in search for a freelancer who I can provide with constant workload of creating Python scripts. Necessary technologies: python, ajax, http protocol, previously working with google spreadsheets api would be a benefit.

As a trial assignment I would like to ask you to write a script that retrieves the cheapest tickets for each available section for the certain event ID from Viagogo website. For example:
For the following event ID 3412160 
I need to get the cheapest options for sections 101,102,103,106…..Floor, Upper Tier, etc.. I am expecting the script to work in the following way: I put an event ID in a certain row in a config file, then launch the script which downloads me all the necessary data in the txt/csv format. No browser automation tools and libraries are allowed, only pure http requests.
Price for the successful trial assignment – 50 USD. 
Price for future projects is negotiable.
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Теги: ᐉРазработка плагинов на заказ, скриптов (сценариев), утилит по низкой цене. Нанять удаленно программиста плагинов, скриптов, утилит на бирже фриланса ◈ FL.RU удаленно, нужен программист, ищу программиста, резюме программиста, требуется написание плагинов/сценариев/утилит