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Write an article for crypto exchange blog.

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We need 1 article for new crypto exchange blog.
To understand the product, review current website at airpick.exchange

1. Title: Introducing AirPick.
2. Goal: Describe new Airdrop exchange. Introduce traders and airdrop holders new opportunity to trade crypto at AirPick exchange.
3 Audience.
3.1 Traders which seeing an opportunity to buy ICO tokens for a lower than Token-sale price.
3.2 Airdrop/Bounty hunters which want to sell their tokens early and do not wait for ICO listing.
4. Scope: 2,000-3,500 symbols.
5. English level: Advanced/Fluent.
6. Describe the following topics:
6.1 Value proposition.
Sell airdrops for quick cash:
Looking for a quick profit? Sell tokens for Bitcoin right after receiving them.
Buy airdrops for long-term gains:
Interested in long-term investment? Buy tokens with Bitcoin after the initial sell-off is finished.
6.2 Trading benefits & features.
- 0.1% maker & taker fee.
- Use PICK tokens to get fee discount (they work like BNB – Binance tokens).
- Free deposits & withdrawals (only miner fee).
- Withdrawals processed instantly.
- No limits on deposits.
- 100 BTC withdrawal limit for verified users.
- 2 BTC withdrawal limit for unverified users.
- Deposits processed after 3 confirmations.
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